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Tutorial B5 Breaking AES (Straightforward)

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|capture hardware = CW-Lite, CW-Lite 2-Part, CW-Pro
|Target Device =
|Target Architecture = XMEGA/ARM
|Hardware Crypto = No
|Purchase Hardware =
-------- end --------
Like before, if you're using the ARM target, use make PLATFORM=CWLITEARM CRYPTO_TARGET=TINYAES128C.
Make sure that the platform is correct.
* Open the ChipWhisperer Capture software.
* Connect to the ChipWhisperer. (You can do this using a script or by filling out the generic settings and connecting to the board yourself.)
* Open the XMEGA Programmer (**Tools > ChipWhisperer-Lite XMEGA Programmer**), or, if you're using the ARM target, open the STM32F Programmer.
* Find the hex file you compiled and program it onto the target.
Note in previous software versions, this tutorial took you through manual setup. This can still be done (using the GUI), but instead now the API has been made more powerful, so the example configuration script will be used instead.
To do so, simply scroll down and select the "" fileif you're using the XMEGA target. If you're using the ARM target, select ""[[File:cwsetup_scriptselection_xmegaconfig_cwliterun.png|718x718px]]
[[File:cwsetup_scriptselection_xmegaconfig_cwliterunStm32f aes.pngPNG|frameless|798x798px]]
<p>To complete the tutorial, follow these steps:</p><ol start="7" style="list-style-type: decimal;">
<li>Switch to the ''General Settings'' tab</li>
<li>If you wish to change the number of traces, do so here. The default of 50 should be sufficient to break AES though!</li>
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